Benefits of Solar Christmas Lighting

Go Green and Save with Solar Christmas Lighting

solar Christmas lighting panel with lightsChristmas it on the way again, and as much as we love it, there is one thing that is easy to hate about the holiday season. And that is getting our electrical power bill for all those lights we strung up the week after Thanksgiving. So this year why not try something different. I'm talking about Christmas outdoor lighting that is actually powered by the sun and requires no electrical connection. With the latest advances in solar lighting technology, such as miniaturization, LED lights, and advanced control panels, Christmas solar lights are an excellent option for exterior Christmas decorating.

Advantages of using Solar Christmas Lighting

1. The first and most obvious is the savings you will enjoy when you receive your electric bill in January.

2. When setting up your outdoor Christmas display there is no hassle with finding a convenient electrical outlet.

3. No need to remember to turn them on or off at night. Solar Christmas lighting will automatically come on when the sun goes down, and turn off with sunrise.

4. With conventional Christmas lighting, when one of the lights on a string is broken or burned out, your entire set of lights is out. At least until you can find and replace the problem bulb. You won't have that trouble with solar Christmas lighting.

5. Dangerous, and overloaded electrical wiring is nonexistent with solar Christmas lighting. Electrical fire hazards are greatly reduced, along with your stress from worrying about them.

6. The newest style controllers allow you to set your Christmas lights on several different modes. There is slow twinkle, fast twinkle, slow sequence, fast sequence, reverse sequence and continuous on.

7. Over the last few years, all colors of solar and LED lights have been introduced to the market. You are no longer limited to white twinkle lights.

How easy is it to install Solar Christmas lighting?

Solar christmas lighting outdoor displayActually it is much easier than conventional outdoor Christmas lighting, because of the elimination for the need of long extension cords and relay sockets. Place your LED Solar Christmas lighting in the location you desire. Next angle the solar panels to capture as much sun light as possible. And that's all there is to it. During daylight they will collect sunshine and convert it to stored energy. At dusk the light's sensor switches them on to your preset function. Your only other job is to sit back and enjoy your solar Christmas lighting.

Happy Holidays

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