Christmas Window Decorating

Ideas for Holiday Window Displays

Christmas windows lit with candlesEvery year at Christmas time millions of people, the world over, display some type of Christmas window decoration in their homes. This tradition goes back to Victorian times when it was common to place lit candles in windows as a sign of the holidays and a welcome to travelers. Do you need a few ideas for this holiday season's window decorations? Check below for some of the twenty first century's most common Christmas window decorating ideas.

Electric Miniature Lights

miniature white christmas window lights A string of electric Christmas lights are often strung to outline the windows of homes. This can be done from the inside with interior Christmas lights, or from the outside with outdoor Christmas lights. It is common to find Christmas windows decorated in a variety of colored lights, but miniature white Christmas lights seem to be the most popular.

Electric Christmas Window Candles
five bulb Christmas candleabra lightsingle candle flicker style Christmas window lightThe standard, and most popular Christmas window decor is the Christmas candle light. There are many different styles and colors of Christmas candelabra lights availableChristmas window candle within a wreath and bow today, but the five bulb model, in a pyramid design, seem to be the best seller. The single candle model comes in second. Another model which many people option for, is a window candle light encircled with a wreath and a red Christmas bow. Most window candle lights come with either continuous burning or flicker style bulbs.

Christmas Window Stickers and Clings
Christmas window clingsChristmas stickers for windowsBy far, the overall best selling Christmas window decoration is the window sticker or cling. This is probably because they are inexpensive and so easy to use that even a small child can decorate Christmas windows with them. holiday window clings packageAlso, for those residing in rental units, stick-on window decorations don't require any nails or staples that can damage window framing. Christmas window clings come in an enormous variety of patterns, styles, colors and designs, with Santa Clause, snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, holly and Disney cartoon characters leading the way.

Translucent Christmas Window Posters
Santa window posterRudolph the Reindeer translucent winow posterOver the last several years, Christmas window linings - more commonly known as translucent Christmas window posters - have seen more and more use during the holidays. Basically these are thin opaque plastic sheets with various Christmas scenes imprinted on them. They are trimmed and fitted House display with Christmas window liningsto the inside of windows with tape, tacks or staples. Your interior lights then create an impressive glowing effect when viewed from the street. One of the best parts about Christmas window posters is that they can be taken down after the holidays, and stored in your attic until next year. With a little care, you can expect to get many years of use from them.

Christmas Window Panels
Star and Angel Christmas window panelSt.Nick Christmas window panelThe most stunning - and arguably the most expensive - Christmas window Christmas tree window paneldecoration is the framed panel designed with a Christmas scene and made specifically for hanging in your home's window. These can sometimes be found made from translucent plastic, but those made from stained glass are the most beautiful and memorable. When lit from behind, your home's Christmas window will rival a church cathedral.

Happy Holidays!

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