Real Christmas Trees

Internet purchasing benefits

Christmas tree shipped in a boxOften when you don't want to fool with the hassles of hauling a tree home from your local lot (especially if you only have a small car), or you are looking for a specific species not readily found in your area, buying a live Christmas tree on the internet can be a viable option. There are several companies that ship live Christmas trees for the holidays directly from the tree farm. While the shipping costs are added to your purchase price, you are cutting out the middleman markup so your landed cost remains reasonable. When freshly cut the trees are immediately boxed and shipped via UPS or similar carrier that will deliver them in 1 to 3 days. This makes a shipped tree the freshest Christmas tree you can get, Christmas tree farmshort of cutting one yourself. Of course one of the drawbacks is that you don't get to select your specific tree, however most reputable online suppliers hand select their trees to ensure that the foliage is full, the stems are straight and the tree is not damages by pests or diseases. To insure this check out the supplier's money back guarantee before you finalize your purchase. You should make sure that you can specify a delivery date that suits your holiday schedule, especially if you are ordering weeks in advance. Saturday deliveries usually carry a premium.

(NOTE: Real tree shippers will start appearing on these pages in October and November. You can order early and specify a SHIPPING DATE when you place your order. Choose a date that will have your tree arrive a day or two before you plan to decorate.)