Christmas Tree Skirt Tips

Decorating with Holiday Tree Skirts

Santa Christmas tree skirtsChristmas tree skirts may, at first, seem like a minor part of your holiday decorating scheme. However, there are several things that it would help for you should know about them. Here is some information and tips involving Christmas tree skirts that should make your Christmas tree decorating just a little easier this holiday season.

In the Beginning

Originally, Christmas tree skirts where simply sheets, blankets, tablecloths, or old quilts that where spread under the tree to catch the pine needles that would inevitably fall off, thereby making clean up much easier when the tree was taken down. Somewhere along the way, some gifted homemaker decided to cut a piece of fabric (most likely, red or green felt) in a circle, with a hole in the center and a slit from the side to the hole, to make it easy to wrap around the tree. Thus was born the first Christmas tree skirts.

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It didn't take long before some of our more creative grandmothers began stitching on flowers or other Christmas designs. Marketing geniuses soon saw the opportunity for profit an began selling evermore elaborately designed Christmas tree skirts from local department store chains. From that point on, holiday tree skirts have evolved into the highly decorative patterns that we see today. Every imaginable Christmas theme can be found, with Santa Clause, and snowmen leading the way. Every color can also be found, but as one might expect, red, green and white are the most prominent.

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Consider Costs
Highly decorative Christmas tree skirts can be found that range upwards to several hundreds of dollars. Likewise, less elaborate skirts are often purchased on eBay for under $20. If you make your own, from materials that you have around the house, the cost could be even less. How much you should spend, depends on rather or not your family puts gifts out under the tree weeks before Santa arrives, or if they wait until Christmas eve. When not covered with presents, fancy Christmas tree skirts will give the base of your tree a finished look, and add to the rooms holiday decor. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a skirt that will be covered up most of the time with presents.

Consider Size
Large Christmas tree skirtNot all Christmas tree skirts are the same size, and you should know what size is right for you before you purchase or make one. Your tree skirt should be the width of the tree branches, or just slightly bigger. However you want to avoid accidents, by having a skirt that protrudes too far into areas where people will be walking. If you do have a skirt that is too large for your tree, you can simply tuck the edges under.

Consider Design
Disney Christmas tree skirtChristmas tree skirts offer you an opportunity to enhance your room's holiday decorating theme. When you begin shopping for a tree skirt, at the mall or on the internet, you will soon find that there is a multitude of styles, designs and colors available. You want to select one that will correlate with the scheme of the room where you will put your Christmas tree. If it's formal or Victorian, an elaborate skirt with lace or embroidered flowers might be right. For a family room with a theme aimed more towards the kids, consider colorful Christmas Nativity Christmas tree skirt close-upNativity Christmas tree skirttree skirts with Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, or even Disney characters on them. For a casual or country room look a simple patchwork quilt design would look great. A skirt with a nativity scene on it would be appropriate for those that want the decor of their room to remind them of the true meaning for Christmas.

Consider the Tree
Christmas tree skirts 12If you have an artificial tree, there is no need to give any thought to the health of your tree, but for the majority of homes that decorate with a live Christmas tree, watering it will be a necessity. Remember that most species of live trees need to be watered on a daily or an every other day basis. Good Christmas tree skirts have an opening that will facilitate and make this chore somewhat easier. When setting up your tree, locate the skirtopening so you can conveniently lift it open to get water into the reservoir.

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