Christmas Garland Decorating

20 Ideas for Decorating with Christmas Garland

Home decorating for the holidays with Christmas garland is really easy. That's because garland is so versatile. You can put it just about anywhere, or on anything. Need some ideas? Here are 20 places around your home where you can use Christmas garland to decorate for the holiday season.

Christmas garland on balcony
Christmas garland on a home barBalcony
Do you have a two story home with a balcony? Drape a large lighted string of garland from it.

Home Bar
If you have a home bar, why not put some lighted garland with ornaments along the front of it?

Christmas garland around a bathroom mirrorGarland on a Christmas tableBathroom Mirror
Take some holly garland and a string of lights and put them around a bathroom mirror.

Christmas Table
Your Christmas table could really be set off with the addition of green garland against a red tablecloth.

Christmas garland stung from ceiling moldingGarland draped through a ChandelierCeiling Crown Molding
Many formal rooms have decorative crown molding along the ceiling. Decorate it with artificial Christmas garland.

Chandeliers just scream for a strand of Christmas garland to be draped from them. Maybe some mistletoe too.

Christmas garland on top of dinning room chinaGarland used over curtainsDinning Room China Cabinet
Here is a real simple garland decorating idea. Put some across the top of your china cabinet.

Over Curtains
Pre-lit Christmas garland will spruce up any window in the home that has curtains. And it is easy to do.

Christmas garland on an entry doorGarland around an interior doorwayEntryway doors

A string of lighted garland tacked around your front door, says Merry Christmas to all.

Interior doorways
Inside your home a string of garland placed around and over a doorway is a nice Christmas decorating touch.

Christmas garland draped on picket fenceDecorative garland on stair railingPicket Fence
Nothing says Happy Holidays faster than outdoor garland stretched across a picket fence.

Stair Railing
If you have some stairs, either interior or exterior, decorate them with a strand of decorative Christmas garland.

Artificial Christmas garland laying across kitchen cabinetsdecorative garland used on a kitchen hutchKitchen Cabinets
Putting a stand of artificial garland on the shelf over your cabinets, really spices up a kitchen.

Kitchen Hutch
Christmas garland draped over the top of a country hutch is another way to decorate your kitchen.

Outdoor garland around a lamp postLighted Christmas garland used on a mail boxLamp Post
If you have a lamp post in your yard, try wrapping it with pre-lit garland.

Mail Box
When you put a string of garland around your mail box, everyone that passes your home will know that you are in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas tree garland used over a fireplace mantledecorative garland around mirrorFireplace Mantle
Using Christmas garland to decorate your fireplace seems like a natural. With or without the stockings.

Large Mirrors
When you encircle a large oval mirror with a string of garland it almost looks like a wreath - with a happy face inside.

artificial garland used on porch columnsOutdoor garland in a window boxPorch Columns
Many homes have columns on their front porches. Take a string of outdoor garland and wrap them for the holidays.

Window Flower Box
And finally for those of you that have window boxes, don't forget to put some decorative garland in them.

Of course that's not all of the places that you can use versatile Christmas garland for decorating. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Good luck decorating, and if you need to buy Christmas garland try this connection.

Happy Holidays!

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