Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village Video

Christmas Villages from America's best loved living Artist

Many people have a view in their heart of a lost time in rural America, when life was slower paced and decidedly simpler. That is why so many love the works of Thomas Kinkade. He has a unique way of bringing to life artwork that touches on our feelings and desires to return to this uncomplicated era. When he creates Christmas settings those feelings are redoubled.

While living in Vermont, Thomas Kinkade completed one of his most renown Christmas paintings entitled "St. Nicholas Square". It was this exquisite work of art that inspired a miniature series from "The Bradford Exchange". In the three dimensional version, the artist's view of rural Christmases past, is presented in a tranquil winter wonderland. Kinkade's creation comes to life with lighted reproductions depicting the "Holiday Bed and Breakfast", "Santa's Workshop" and "The Light of Hope Church". Now add a "Village Train Station", "Post Office", "Grandma's House", and intersperse with cheerful people, snowmen, horse drawn sleighs and lighted trees, and you have a place where family memories are made.

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas villages appeal to both collectors of popular artwork and those that just like to decorate for Christmas in a tradition manner. To help you appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into each genuine piece of Kinkade's Christmas villages take a few moments to view this video currently found on You Tube.


Here is a short marketing video from The Bradford Exchange, introducing
the "Village Christmas collection" by
Thomas Kinkade.

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