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  • About Christmas Shoppe
    Discount Holiday decor shopping in an Old time Village Christmas decorations shoppe.
  • Tree Selection Guide
    Facts and information on types of Christmas trees that will help you with your selection.
  • Tree Selection Videos
    For many Christmas tree selection is something new. This selection of videos should help.
  • Live Christmas Tree Care
    Some proper care and maintenance tips to ensure the quality of your Christmas tree.
  • Artificial Christmas Tree Tips
    Four video guides loaded with choosing, set-up and decorating Artificial Christmas tree tips.
  • Christmas Tree Stands Video
    Learn from these videos, the many different features of popular Christmas tree stands.
  • Christmas Tree Lights Videos
    Here are some videos to teach you the fundamentals of hanging Christmas tree lights.
  • Solar Christmas Lighting
    Seven very good reason why you should switch to solar Christmas lighting this holiday season.
  • Solar LED Lighting Tips
    Enjoy the advantages of zero cost Christmas lights with solar LED lighting.
  • Christmas Lawn Display Video
    Take a few minutes to look over these great Christmas lawn display videos.
  • Music Controlled Christmas Lights
    Have you seen those music controlled Christmas lights displays? Learn how you can do it, too.
  • Collecting Dept. 56 Villages
    Locate new or used Department 56 Christmas villages for collecting or holiday display decorations.
  • Dept 56 Villages Video
    Take a few minutes to view these videos of popular Dept 56 Christmas Villages.
  • Kinkade Village Video
    Collectors of rural Americana will enjoy viewing this video of Thomas Kinkade Village Christmas.
  • Lemax Villages Video
    Here are several very unique video examples of some stunning Lemax Christmas villages.
  • Making Christmas Villages
    For those that are into making Christmas villages, this video will prove to be useful.
  • Easy Christmas Door Ideas
    Need some ideas for decorating your Christmas door. Here are some excellent examples to help you.
  • 20 Garland Decorating Ideas
    Here are some photos of different ways to use Christmas garland for holiday home decorating.
  • 5 Window Decorating Ideas
    Do you need help with Christmas window decorating? Here are five popular holiday decorating ideas.
  • Christmas Inflatables Ideas
    Are you thinking about decorating your lawn with an outdoor Christmas inflatable the holiday season?
  • Lawn Inflatables Video
    Take a moment to view these videos of extreme yards covered with Christmas lawn inflatables.
  • Christmas Tree Skirt Tips
    Here is some information and tips that you should know about Christmas tree skirts.
  • Christmas Tree Skirt Videos
    Here are several informative videos and tips about holiday decorating with Christmas tree skirts.
  • Holiday Decorating with Quilts
    Look here for some ideas for decorating with Christmas quilts or Christmas blankets.
  • Christmas Stocking Tradition
    Here is a little information and nostalgia surrounding Christmas stockings traditions.
  • Making Gingerbread Houses
    Learn about making and decorating awesome Christmas gingerbread houses from these great videos.
  • Christmas Centerpiece Ideas
    Here are twenty great ideas for Christmas centerpieces to stimulate your holiday creative abilities.
  • Christmas Table Setting Ideas
    Need some Christmas table setting ideas? Here is fourteen of the most beautiful Christmas tables you will ever see.
  • Christmas Nutcrackers Video
    Collecting Christmas nutcrackers gone wild! These videos highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of nutcrackers.
  • Christmas Snow Globes
    Christmas Snow Globes are a contemporary holiday tradition, but do you know their origins?
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  • Christmas Trees
    Here is a large selection of live and artificial Christmas trees; plus lights, stands and skirts.
  •  Real Christmas Trees
    Here is some information about the benefits and drawbacks of buying real Christmas trees online.
  •  Artificial Holiday Trees
    With so many varieties of artificial Christmas trees to choose from, decorating for the holidays can be easy.
  •  Tree Lights Decorations
    If you need Christmas tree lights, here is a nice large selection to choose from.
  •  Holiday Tree Stands
    Locate new and used Christmas tree stands for your holiday decorating at discount prices.
  •  Holiday Tree Skirts
    Locate new and used Christmas tree skirts for your holiday decorating at discount prices.
  • Christmas Ornaments
    Need Christmas ornaments? See an extensive source of just about every type imaginable.
  •  Glass Ornaments
    Locate new and used glass Christmas ornaments for your holiday home decorating at discount prices.
  •  Crystal Ornaments
    Locate new and used crystal Christmas ornaments for your holiday home decorating at discount prices.
  •  Plastic Ornaments
    Find discount prices on many varieties of plastic Christmas ornaments for this holiday season's decorating.
  •  Ceramic Ornaments
    Here you can buy ceramic Christmas ornaments for holiday decorating at discount prices.
  •  Cartoon Ornaments
    Find all your favorite cartoon ornaments at discount prices for this Christmas season's decorating.
  • Christmas Villages
    Locate an array of popular miniature Christmas Villages for holiday home decorating.
  •  Department 56 Villages
    Here you can find an assortment of new and used Department 56 Christmas villages.
  •  Kinkade Christmas Villages
    His fans will enjoy this selection of Thomas Kinkade Christmas villages at discount prices.
  •  Lemax Christmas Villages
    Decorating for Christmas can be a snap, with Lemax Christmas villages and accessories.
  •  Other Christmas Villages
    Traditional lighted Christmas villages make an excellent addition to any holiday season decorating theme.
  •  Miniature Nativity Scenes
    Here you can find many online sources to buy miniature Christmas nativity scenes or individual figures.
  • Christmas Outdoor Decor
    Here you can fine a large assortment of Christmas Outdoor Decorations for sale.
  •  Lawn & Roof Decorations
    Do you need Christmas lawn decorations? Check out these discount sources for holiday yard displays.
  •  Lawn Inflatables
    Here you will find Christmas inflatables and outdoor inflatables for your holiday lawn decorating.
  •  Outdoor Lights Decorations
    If you need outdoor Christmas lights, here is a nice large selection to choose from.
  •  Solar Lighting Decorations
    To reduce holiday energy costs, perhaps you should consider Christmas solar lights.
  •  Outdoor Nativity
    Finding Christmas outdoor nativity sets or individual pieces can be a snap with these online sources.
  • Christmas Decor
    Here you can find a large variety of Christmas Decor items for your holiday home decorating.
  •  Bathroom Decorations
    With a little thought you can have a Victorian, Western or even a Country Christmas bathroom.
  •  Candle Decorations
    With so many Christmas candles to choose from, decorating for the holidays can be fun.
  •  Christmas Centerpieces
    Here is a nice selection of various style Christmas centerpieces, available for sale online.
  •  Garland Decorations
    With so many varieties of Christmas garland to choose from, decorating for the holidays can be fun.
  •  Gingerbread Decorations
    Holiday home decorating is easy with this large selection of Christmas gingerbread decorations.
  •  Kitchen & Tableware
    Locate discount and bargain prices on your Christmas table and kitchen decorating necessities.
  •  Linen Decorations
    Here is a selection of elegant Christmas linens for your holiday decorating needs.
  •  Christmas Music
    Find a selection of new and used Christmas music albums and CDs at discount prices.
  •  Nutcracker Decorations
    A fine selection of Christmas nutcrackers to choose from for your holiday decoration needs.
  •  Quilts & Blankets
    Online sources for Christmas quilts and Christmas blankets as well as holiday needlework supplies.
  •  Snow Globe Decorations
    Locate the perfect Christmas snowglobe for your holiday decorating or as a special gift.
  •  Stocking Decorations
    Make your holiday selection from a large variety of online Christmas stockings.
  •  Wall & Door Decorations
    A unique selection of Christmas wall and Christmas door decorations for your holiday season.
  •  Window Decorations
    Find ideas for Christmas window decorating, from a selection of window lights, candles, stickers and panels.
  •  Wreath Decorations
    With so many varieties to choose from, decorating with Christmas wreaths can be a snap.