Music Controlled Christmas Lights

Learn How to Make your own Musical Christmas lights display

By now you have probably seen examples of those awesome Christmas light displays that blink in time to Holiday music. They seem to be popping up everywhere - on You Tube, the internet, and maybe even in your own neighborhood. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Have you ever thought that maybe this holiday season you might like to try decorating your home with music controlled Christmas lights?

Making musical lights is not that difficult at all - if you are the least bit electrically inclined. Take a few minutes to view this video, see just how simple it is, and decide if music controlled Christmas lights might be for you this season.


How to hook Christmas lights to a stereo speaker.

While the lights themselves may be exterior rated, this speaker set up is NOT!
It will need to be protected from the elements.


Fortunately for those of us that are somewhat challenged when it comes to handyman projects, General Electric makes several models of excellent musical Christmas lights controller kits. They come complete with a selection of Christmas songs so you can create a beautiful holiday light show using your existing lights or lighted lawn decorations. There are also other manufactures making similar systems. You can find them all by following the link below.

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Happy Holidays!

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