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Miniature lighted villages are a popular tradition for holiday decorating, and Department 56 Christmas villages are a pacesetter in this arena. Indeed, setting up a Department 56 village is a large part of the fun of decorating for Christmas. To help you appreciate the enthusiasm and artistic skills that many collectors of Dept. 56 villages put into their Christmas displays, take a few minutes to view these You Tube videos.


Example of Original Dept.56 "SNOW VILLAGE" display.

The original Department 56 creation, "Snow Village", depicts small town USA during the holiday season, and was first introduced in 1976. Imagine friendly residents, children playing in the snow, small inviting shops and Christmas decorated homes.


Example of Dept.56 "DICKENS VILLAGE" display.

First brought out in 1984, the distinctive old English styled "Dickens Village" series envisions Victorian England, from thatched roofed cottages to the village pub. Add carts, wagons, street peddlers, gas lamp posts and villagers clad in mid 1800s attire, to complete the image of Dickens' immortal Christmas Carol classic.


Example of Dept.56 "CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY" display.

Department 56 introduced the "Christmas in the City" collection in 1987. This delightful series reminds us of Christmas time in New York City, circa 1930s and 40s, with apartment buildings, department stores, restaurants, and famous landmarks like the Empire State Building. Don't forget accessories that include vintage motorcars, street vendors, and children playing in central park.


Example of Dept.56 "NORTH POLE VILLAGE" display.

Department 56's "North Pole Village" was first featured in 1990. This delightful village is where Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and the elves all work and play. Each shop in this village portray a slice of Santa's North Pole home and the playful attitude of it's residents.


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