Christmas Solar LED Lighting Tips

Learn about Solar Christmas lighting from these videos

LED lights continues to take over the Christmas lighting market as those inclined to illuminate their homes for the holiday season embrace their substantial financial savings. But, did you know that the low power demands of LED Christmas lights make them ideal to connect to a solar panel?

With the latest advances in solar lighting technology and advanced control panels, your Christmas outdoor lighting can be powered by the sun - requiring no electrical connection, relay sockets or extension cords. All you need to do is simply connect a string of LED lights to a solar panel. There are even manufacturers that are making available "solar Christmas lighting packages", complete with lights, controllers and solar panels.

These two videos, currently found on YOU TUBE, will give you some insight into the technology, so you will be able to enjoy the advantages of zero cost Christmas lights.


This video describes an example of a complete solar Christmas LED lighting package. Today there are many sources of these lights available.


This video shows how you can create your own "do-it-yourself"solar Christmas LED lighting package.


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