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Santa snow globeOnce believed to be nothing more than ornamental paper weights, Snow Globes have evolved into highly ornate and extremely collectible Christmas decorations. Throughout the world, wherever the Christmas season is celebrated, Snow Globes adorn mantles, shelves and coffee tables during the month of December. In America almost every household has one prominently displayed. Perhaps this is because, not only do they act as wonderful Christmas decorations, they also serve as a source of fun and amusement for children, especially when they twinkle to the sound of holiday music.

The history of Snow Globes is interesting. No one knows when, or who, first came up with them, but they can be traced back to the early eighteen hundreds in France. Many believe that they where initially a variation of glass paperweights. We do know that by 1879 at least five companies where manufacturing and distributing them throughout Europe. In England, the "Victorian" era saw them become very popular, especially prior to WWI.

Snow Globes where mostly imported to the United States until the 1920s when they began to be produced by a few American manufactures. The popularity of Christmas Snow Globes got a large boost in the 1950's with the introduction of plastic to replace the much more expensive glass, thus making them attractively priced for discount departments stores, like Sears, Montgomery Wards and Woolworths.

The later part of the twentieth century has seen an explosion in the popularity and manufacturing of Christmas Snow Globes. Without a doubt, the greatest change we have seen in Snow Globes has been in size and embellishment. Many contemporary globes can be found that are miniature worlds unto themselves, displaying everything from Santa and Rudolph to elaborate nativity scenes - complete with musical accompaniment.

Collecting Christmas Snow Globes is an inexpensive way of stewarding memories of holidays past, as many families will get a new one each season. This may be why they are considered "the ideal" Christmas gift. To help you appreciate the beauty an craftsmanship that goes into their production, take a few moments to view these videos currently found on You Tube of some very unique Christmas Snow Globes.


Santa and his sleigh arrive at Frosty's winter wonderland.


Disney's Mickey Mouse checks in with this example of a Christmas Snow Globe.


Silent night, oh Holy night - musical Nativity Snow Globe


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