Christmas Nutcrackers Video

A little fun with Christmas Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers have been around in some form since antiquity, but the ones that we are most familiar with were developed in the 1800s in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Today there are many famous name artisans from this region, such as Steinbach, Ulbricht, Werner, Seiffener, and Rascher. In order to control their exclusivity and rarity, several manufactures have taken to producing nutcrackers in series, with limited quantities and certificates of authenticity. Thus, the price of many models will increase over the years. This has added to the attractiveness of collecting genuine German nutcrackers.

Many nutcracker enthusiasts just can't seem to wait for the Christmas holidays, so that they can unpack and display their "little soldiers". Indeed, nothing makes a better gift than a new Christmas nutcracker, for someone that has been bitten by the collecting bug.

To help you appreciate the skill and artistic craftsmanship that goes into each genuine hand carved Christmas nutcracker take a few moments to view these videos currently found on You Tube. They demonstrate the beauty and diversity of Christmas nutcrackers.


This first video is about "size". It was
taken on Christmas Day 2009.

The collection was built up over many seasons. There are close to one thousand, Christmas nutcrackers. They are pulled from storage and set up every year for the holidays. It obviously is not exclusively all German nutcrackers, but it truly is an amazing collection just the same.


This Christmas Nutcracker video is all about "quality".

Featuring traditional and contemporary styles, this video from Lane Photography uses Nutcrackers from several top German craftsmen. Please notice the design and extensive detailing in the close-ups.


And, finally this last Christmas Nutcracker video is just about "fun".

It is a nutcracker serenade of "White Christmas" by The Persuasions. Brought to you by Idea Men Productions. Enjoy!


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Happy Holidays!

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